Building their Tomorrows, Today! SIROCCO!
The frequent need to meet individuals with different characteristics and special needs, poses a constant challenge to the entire educational community, demanding the extension of its functions, especially of teachers, but also of pupils that will soon enter into the labour market.
It is imperative for schools to be restructured in order to be inclusive and reply adequately to the needs of everyone. Through this partnership, we wish to develop a set of leisure activities and a set of pedagogical tools (role-plays, group dynamics, etc) to be used by individuals (from all ages) with and without special needs, physical or psychological ones.
We also want to develop an Intervention Programme for children and teenagers with educational special needs, aimed at technicians and future technicians, in order they learn to develop social and personal competences, assertiveness, resilience, tolerance to frustration and ability to deal with conflict management, control anxiety, among others and organize transnational training sessions for technicians related to some specific special needs. By doing this, we wish to promote the integration, the cooperation and the relationship of all types of people with and without special needs, both at schools and at any other institution, such as kindergartens, etc.
We want then to promote the adequate integration of different type of people making them live in harmony, and looking at each other as there were no physical or intellectual differences. Therefore, we would work in the direction to adequately serve the individuals with special needs, looking to develop their social and personal competences, in harmony with fellow mates.
Pupils, with the help of staff, will be the ones to think, plan and develop the activities and pedagogical tools.